For over 30 years, Scarfo Art Classes have brought the love of art to adults and students throughout Chester County.


personalized attention

With five or less students in every class, you'll have all the instructor attention you need to develop in the ways that matter to you most.

results you can frame

Produce finished works you're proud of -- and which can be framed and displayed.


learn all media.

Start with the basics of seeing: light, shadow, perspective. Learn to work with charcoal pencil, pen & ink, soft pastel, oil pastel, color pencil, watercolor, gouache acrylic painting, and sculpture.

Personalized Instruction in Small Classes


We offer two educational tracks for students: Two-Dimensional Art (sketching, pastels, painting, etc.) and Three-Dimensional Art (sculpture in clay, paper, wire, plaster, etc). While each educational track contains some elements of the other, students can expect 80% of their focus to be on the track they choose.

Two-Dimensional Art teaches all media with emphasis on the basics of sketching, drawing, light and shadow. Although the classes are geared and developed for each individual student, we generally begin with charcoal and light and shadow, moving into pen and ink, then into color using soft pastel, oil pastel, and color pencil. When the student is ready, we introduce watercolor, gouache and acrylic painting.

Three-Dimensional Art begins with discussion of dimension, proportion and design. The first project is working with wire armatures to create a 3-dimensional shape and adding texture, color, and other elements of design. The students work independently at their own pace, with emphasis being placed on creative thinking and execution.

Students under 18 are asked to choose a track in order to receive a well-rounded art education. Adult students may choose their media and may move freely across both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media at their own pace and discretion. We take adult students directly into the area of their interest.



Art Instruction that's Customized for You.


Scarfo students are encouraged along every turn on their artistic path. They will meet challenges they think are insurmountable, but with encouragement, the students find there is a way to do everything.

"Doing art" is a means of expressing oneself and there are a million different ways to do that. We are here to help and guide the art student in these challenges.

Art is important in everyone's life. Most things have been touched or designed or produced by an artist. Many Scarfo art students have gone on to the most prestigious art schools in the U.S. and abroad to major in art and are in successful art careers today. Even those who have chosen other fields of endeavor are still working in their own time producing art for their own walls. It never leaves them! 

There are discussions and critiques in class to encourage students to express themselves verbally as well as artistically. They learn to communicate their ideas and their concepts.



Art Instruction that Fits into Your Life.


Students can start classes at any time because the instruction is personalized and they work at their own pace. There are no long term contracts and no obligations. Classes are $25 each, limited to five students, and are paid monthly in advance. 

Class schedules are flexible. Classes currently have openings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.